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Why Angel MedFlight Is The Superior Choice For Medical Transport Today

If you choose the wrong medical air transport company, you could put yourself, your family member, or your loved on at risk. Even though you might not be an expert on air transport companies, it is fairly easy to see what separates the best transporters from the rest of the pack. Find out why Angel MedFlight is a leader in the medical transport industry and a top choice with medical professionals and patients.

Owned vs. Leased Planes

It is hard to believe that lots of medical transport flight companies lease their planes from brokers. How can they be sure these planes are kept in tip-top condition. In addition, this means that these companies cannot stock medical supplies on board, but they might have to carry them on and off for each flight.

Angel owns their own fleet of name-brand and high-quality jets. Each plane is serviced by an expert ground crew between flights. This ground crew is employed by the company, and they hold their work to very high standards because the safety of their fellow employees and patients depends upon their work. So does the good and established reputation of the company.

Why Is Angel MedFlight The Air Transport Company Of Choice?

In addition to an expert ground crew, this company employs an experienced and trained flight crew. This crew includes pilots who will actually fly the plane. It also includes the nurses and paramedics who will be there to care for each patient they take on board.

Furthermore, these crews are all used to relying upon each other. They are also used to the on-board medical equipment that is needed to make sure that each patient flies in comfort and safety to any destination you ask for. You want to seek out the best medical flight company you can when it comes time to get a patient transport from one location to another.

Will Insurance Cover Air Transport

In many cases, the flight will be covered like any other ambulance. Angel MedFlight also has a trained office staff that can help with insurance and billing.

Choose Angel MedFlight When Patient's Lives Matter

You can learn more about this reliable medical air transport company at : AngelMedFlight.com

When you consider the fact that this established company owns their own fleet of jets, employs trained crews in the air and on the ground, and has a great reputation as a leader in the air ambulance industry, they should become your first choice. You can read more about air ambulances by visiting this site.

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Jets vs. Prop Planes

Even today, many air transporters still rely upon old-fashioned and slow prop planes for medical transport. Props are slower and more vulnerable to adverse weather conditions. Angel only uses modern and high-quality jets in order to provide fast and reliable service to patients.

How To Prepare Patients For Transport By Air

The way that you need to prepare your patient depends upon the nature of their injury or medical condition. Patients with spine injuries, for example, might need to be immobilized for their protection. Trauma patients might need to be kept warm. The company can supply you with guidelines that are taken from medical experts in air transport.